1 09 February, 2019

Enjoy the little things

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2 09 February, 2019

Endangered leatherback sea turtle spotted off B.C. coast

When you go to edit a post and see special characters and colours intertwined between the words, those are Markdown shortcuts which tell Ghost what to do with the words

3 09 February, 2019

Creating a custom theme

Ghost comes with a beautiful default theme called Casper, which is designed to be a clean, readable publication layout and can be adapted for most purposes. However, Ghost can also

4 09 February, 2019

Apps & integrations

There are three primary ways to work with third-party services in Ghost: using Zapier, editing your theme, or using the Ghost API. Zapier You can connect your Ghost site to over 1,000

5 09 February, 2019

Publishing options

Access the post settings menu in the top right hand corner of the editor. Post feature image Insert your post feature image from the very top of the post settings menu. Consider

6 09 February, 2019

Organising your content

Basic Tagging You can think of tags like Gmail labels. By tagging posts with one or more keyword, you can organise articles into buckets of related content. When you create content for

7 09 February, 2019

Slow cooker honey-dijon glazed carrots

Rich editing at your fingertips The editor can also handle rich media objects, called cards. You can insert a card either by clicking the  +  button on a new line, or typing  /  on a

8 09 February, 2019

Two antarctic penguins took an adorable selfie

We know that first impressions are important, so we've populated your new site with some initial getting startedposts that will help you get familiar with everything in no time. This is